Monday, February 19, 2007

Interesting Links

Interesing Statistics
This site provides interesting statistics and equally as interesing questions on the woman's role in Hollywood and the discrepancies between men and women.
Analyzing Society with the Growth of Hollwood
This article analyzes and compares how the stereotypes gender and other class ideologies have evolved or stayed the same with the exponential growth of Hollywood and its enterprises.
"Club Mom" Supports Lindsay
This article recognizes the fact that, while it may seem irresponsible for Lindsay Lohan to have gotten into another car accident, the paparazzi may have been the cause of it or the others. Of course this is not mentioned in local media which allows them to get to degrade and invade another incident in the life of a female "screw-up".
Should We Blame them or the Media?
This article seemed very interesting because it addresses the issue of role models. It is seemingly obvious that Paris and Brittney may not be the best women to look up to for children and tweens, but whose fault is it that they are? Wouldn't there be less "prostitots" with less female exploitation in the media in the first place?
An Example of Women's Freedoms Being Used Against Them
This article is the epitome of what this blog is against. In this article, the author uses female star's actions, their own rights and freedoms, as a reason and the cause for mysogyny.

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