Monday, April 23, 2007

The Various Audiences of This Blog

When I first started this blog project I had one idea and audience glued to my mind. My main target was to illustrate how women were portrayed through modern media. It seemed quite simple really. There are two types of women in the media, I told myself, the women that are overtly sexualized or the women that are “moms” only. However, what I did not realize was the connotations that came with this very bold statement.

The first confrontational subject in my blog posts is the idea that a housewife is a demeaning job. For many, “in one sentence Mama sums up the dominant culture’s version of legitimate female expectations” (Lipsitz, 45). Of course this is not always true but it may seem that I voice this opinion through some of my blog posts. I am merely exemplifying the fact that women are commonly put into this category with few alternatives. Some audiences may see this as a good thing. Wouldn’t you rather be put into the housewife category than the slut one? But this is precisely my point. Why does there have to be two extremes?

Although I do seem to adopt the Madonna-Whore dichotomy as my main theme in this blog project, I do seem to talk about the whore end a lot more, something I would have changed if I could do this project over again. This is probably the more challenging of the two subjects because it challenges women’s rights while defending them. For example, when I analyzed “The Girl’s Next Door” it may have seemed like I was offending a woman’s right to choose her career. Many people may see this example as liberating and a step forward. Another example is the “Pretty Woman” reference I make. A different audience might see my criticism as an offense to women all around the world who are trying to make ends meat.

These contradictions and confrontations have probably been the most difficult part about writing my blog posts. But as you can see, they include both ends of the extremes. I challenge conservative mind set as well as liberal. What I have tried to keep in mind is that no one way of thinking is right or wrong. I think the most important thing about these blog posts is the fact that they do have the power to question both sides. It illustrates that everyone is the blame for any problems that exist in today’s society and not one person, source of media, or political party is to blame.

  • Lipsitz, George. "The Meaning of Memore: Class, Race, and Ethnicity in Early Network Television". SAGE Publications.


Jessie said...

Nice job situating your current understanding of the dichotomy in relation to the understanding you may have (subconsciously) began the semester with. I would have liked to see a bit more analysis of how this normalized dichotomy reinscribes hegemonic norms and understandings of gender; however, it's a good topic for wrapping up the blog project :o)

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