Friday, February 2, 2007

Female "Stardom" Presented by the Media


Jessie said...

Hi Katelyn- I was responding to your email (along with messing with socs and other not so exciting stuff), when I hit send and realized that nothing on TCNJ's webservers are working (not socs, not the svpn, not their mail server, not even the home page!!!). So, Katelyn, since I was emailing you, I apologize and I'll talk to you in class tomorrow! That or go to dashboard then layout then click the add page elment at the very bottom of the page (not the same set of screens as the settings page)...if that doesn't suffice...lemme know in class tomorrow! Other than that, sorry for any delayed communication b/c it's getting late and I will see you in class tomorrow :o)

Amanda Ganza said...

Very interesting topic, can't wait to see your analyses!